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Fiber Glass Products

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Coffin Boxes (Cable Joint Boxes)

With its extreme corrosion resistance, fiberglass products are the most cost effective over a lifetime for many applications. They also provide high strength, low weight, ability to withstand high temperatures and customization.

Coffins are made of Fiber Glass Reinforced (FGR) Polyester housing of certain thickness 3-4 mm, constructed in two parts; upper and lower sections.

Circular tanks (Horizontal/Vertical)

These are non-corrosive, cost effective, light weight and durable tanks that provide uniformity in the vessel.


Panel (Sectional) Tanks

These are hot press moulded in glass reinforced plastics (GRP) using isophthalic unsaturated polyester resins and electrical glassfibre reinforcement. The panels are moulded at temperatures up to 150°C under strict quality control disciplines. This process results in strong, consistent panels which are fully cured, dimensionally accurate with sharply defined profiles and smooth surfaces on both faces.

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