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Single Skin Sheets

It is used in a wide range of buildings and situations from warehousing and industrial applications to agricultural and home outbuilding uses. It offers rapid coverage and swift completion of a weather proof building envelope to give high performance building.

Sandwich Panels

It consists of two outer metal sheets with a stabilizing core of insulation sandwiched between them. The metal sheets are bonded to the insulation core with specialized adhesives.

Flat Panels

It consists of factory formed panels, these panels are available in a multitude of shapes and sizes providing virtually unlimited design possibilities. It is reliable, aesthetically pleasing option for any wall panel location, even when the building shape is geometrically complicated.

Cold Room Panels

Insulation panels for cold rooms can reduce building energy use by 30%. Exceptional thermal and airtight engineering reduces a building’s operational energy demand and carbon footprint. Help clients move toward LEED certification and Net-Zero Energy goals.

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